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SASS Community Committee or Communittee is a community in and of itself that endeavours to

build, strengthen, and Bridge the communities that surround it, including those of McMaster, Hamilton, and the WORLD! As members, we envision a future in which well-being is accessible to all and we consider connecting as the surest path to it. We firmly believe that magic happens where people meet. For this reason, as a group, we strive every day to foster and inspire connections. Notably, we gather often, run workshops, share resources, raise awareness of community events, and plan events of our own. Among our favourites are the Progressive Dinner, Cootes Clean Up, and Knitting & Readings. We also love trying out new ideas, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised! A Coffee Shop Hop, anyone? What about a flash mob? Or maybe a city cycling workshop and downtown tour?? There are so many ways to pop the McMaster Bubble! 

Browse some of our events below, and if you have any questions or are interested in joining the Communittee, email Kiana at


Cootes Clean Up

An afternoon well-spent making out backyard clean and safe for all the critters who love it

Bridge into the Woods

United Way Bake Sale

Cupcake with Heart Sprinkles

Support our ArtSci Bus Pull team and enjoy some yummy homemade treats!

Trekking Tuesday

Join us once a month as we discover the green spaces of Hamilton

People in Park

A few hours on the first of every month to dedicate to letting you reflect and create intentions that will guide your next month to make it the best it can be

Intentions Writing

Two Pens on Notebook

Enjoy a lovely 4 course meal at a budget price, lovingly hosted by your lovely fellow ArtScis

Progressive Dinner

Chicken Shish Kebab

 Learn about the benefits of plants in your home, as well as be able to take one home!

Plants 101

Cactus Plant

Join the McMaster Student Exchange club for a time of friendship and cultural sharing over a potluck dinner

Friendsgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

Come learn or share your knowledge of the yarn while fervently discussing vexatious topics

Knittings & Readings

Kneedles and Yarn

Join the ArtSci hockey team for a fun day of skating on the beautiful lake-side rink

Skating at Bayfront

Ice Rink

Photography & Mental Health

Learn the benefits of photography as a therapeutic and mindful practice, then share your work with the rest of our Communittee at an exclusive exhibition


Euchre Tournament & Boardgames

Get your boardgame and friendly competition fix at this de-stresser evening in support of the Hamilton Food Bank


Spaghetti Dinner

Come see your friends try to eat with  ridiculous utensils and enjoy a homemade spaghetti dinner

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