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The ArtSci Musical is an annual production created by Arts & Science students! The script (written by ArtScis over the summer) makes use of many different genres of music to explore a topic generally related to the Arts and Science experience. No theatrical experience is required to be a part of this production. Being a member of the ArtSci musical is a year-long commitment, with rehearsals running from late September to mid-March.


For more information about the ArtSci musical, please contact

2019-2020 Executive Roles

  • Senior Musical Producer (also a SASSex Position)

    • The SMP coordinates logistics of the Musical, supervises the executive team, speaks with external partners, and directly oversees the JMPs. Typically, the SMP is a previous JMP.

  • Junior Musical Producers (also a SASSex Position)

    • ​JMP — Fundraising

      • ​JMP — Fundraising organizes and leads various events to raise funds to support the ArtSci Musical, including bake sales, trivia nights, and many others.

    • JMP — Promotions

      • JMP ­– Promotions advertises auditions, fundraisers, and show dates. They also organize promotional material such as ticket designs, shirt designs, etc.

  • Director(s)

    • The director(s) of the ArtSci Musical are responsible for working with the rest of the creative team, cast, and crew to turn the script’s vision into reality. Responsibilities include attending all rehearsals and teaching blocking and acting to the various cast members.

  • Vocal Director

    • The vocal director is responsible for compiling vocal music for all pieces in the musical, as well as working with the cast at weekly rehearsals.

  • Choreographer

    • The choreographer works with the rest of the creative team and develops dance numbers that cater to the individual dancing abilities of each member of the cast.

  • Musical Director

    • The musical director of the ArtSci Musical is responsible for sourcing and/or arranging parts for all musical numbers in the show, as well as running tryouts, creating music, and practicing with the pit band.

  • Props Master

    • The props master works with scriptwriters, directors, etc. to develop a full list of all props required for the show, and is responsible for purchasing, sourcing, or creating all props with the help of other volunteers.

  • Costume Design

    • Costume design works with the creative team to develop and create costumes for all characters and scenes in the musical.

  • Stage Manager

    • The stage manager coordinates set changes, ensuring that props are going in and out properly and that all cast members are able to get to where they need to be for each scene. They are assisted by one or two assistant stage managers.

  • Scriptwriter(s)

    • Scriptwriting is a summer/early fall position which is responsible for generating an idea for the musical, writing all scenes, selecting musical numbers (with input from creative team), and helping adjust the script as necessary after casting.

  • Script Supervisor

    • The role of the script supervisor is to oversee the scriptwriter(s) during the summer to ensure that the script is appropriate, effective, and completed on time.

2019 ArtSci Musical — "Feel the Fusion"

2018 ArtSci Musical — "In the Heist"

2017 ArtSci Musical

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