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Dec 3, 2019- SASSex Meeting Minutes

Minutes by: Sophie Marchetti

December 3rd 2019

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Last Minutes of 2019

Attendance: Michaela H, Simon M, Sophie M, William L*, Ingrid C, Hayley M, Adeola E, Paige G,Tinson C, Maya V, Anna B*, Anna LM, William A, Katerina S, Rachel M, Corbin M, Momina A, Sydney P, Elena W, Grant S, Caroline B

Regrets: Catherine H

Absentees: Meghan B, Veronica K, Kajaani S, Haley H, Kianna K

*Anna B will be referred to as Ana, William L will be referred to as Will


Hi! Let’s begin.

Logo ideas for SASSex! Check it out on Slack. We will now be changing the logo because its kinda funky and we don’t like it. So we’re changing it.

We’re going to vote on the changes on the Directive for Reviewing the SASS logo (see on slack).


What are the accessibility standards of the logo?


For the website, contrast was a pretty key factor. There’s a site which allows you to determine accessibility of contrast of colours. Not sure about logos.


For the elected chair, do they have to be SASSex or can they be anyone?




2 individuals within all of SASSex will be commissioned to design logos? Why would we do that?


2.2 states that we need a minimum of 2 logos, in the event that we get no submissions.


Commissioned doesn’t mean paid right?


Yep, no money, we could vote to pay them but we probably shouldn’t. Any other thoughts regarding the directive?

No one has any thoughts regarding the directive.

Ok let’s move to a vote.

Vote to formally approve the directive

Unanimous vote yes, no votes against or abstaining

Motion passed to approve the new directive for logo change

Ok so Sophie and I will be reaching out to SASS before the break.

Next, I wanted to do an end of term reflection and review. Anyone have any thoughts?


I feel like maybe we should change meetings to be twice a month rather than every week. Not sure how other people feel?


I agree, I think if we want meetings to remain weekly, we could do a better job of making the on slack voting option available.


Online slack voting is kind of a disadvantage because it disincentivizes attendance. Maybe set out an agenda to signify the importance of each weeks meeting.


Once a week is a good amount of time, I think.


Perhaps knowing its not a voting meeting or knowing the exact agenda every time,


Perhaps having less meetings in crunch times?


I feel as though many of our events can be organized through slack.


We used to have meetings biweekly, but I found that weekly meeting gets a lot more initiatives off the ground. Perhaps next semester, we can discuss meetings during difficult times, but keep meetings weekly for now. Anyone have any other concerns?


I think that the committees were introduced prematurely. Some committees didn’t have any engagement this semester.


Maybe showing more concretely the benefits of being involved in SASS committees through SASSex?


Good idea. Let’s move onto Individual Updates. Momina?


Coffeehouse happened and it was good times. Great attendance.


Secret santa dares have been done, gift exchange is tomorrow.

We’re having a post-capstone destress tonight in 3038.

We also have some concerns regarding rep-auction stuff happening?? If you are giving stuff out pls message your buyers!

Also, is there a way for 4th year artscis who are moving out to give their keys/give their houses to 1st years?


We have a facebook page and 4th years should be posting soon.

Capstone editing was last night and it went well.


Lots of semester events so I didn’t do anything. In January I’m planning a skating event with Will.


Website committee meeting last friday and we set our short and long term goals


2nd years are cruisin. We did an optional secret santa which is happening tomorrow.

We also bought prof gifts.


Thinking b/w physics and econ to have a pizza night unless the vibe is bad. If Vibe=bad, we’ll move it to January.


Thinking of having a mutual consolement night for 4th years.




Turns out that was purchased from an unknown domain provider, so no emails are working sorry !!


Do you know how long it’ll take before emails are fixed?


I’ll start working on it after my last exam. I gotta call people. Everything has gone wrong. I recommend giving a supplemental email for now.

In January, Ingrid and I are going to put out a false election on SASSweb and the website committee said they’d try to hack it and see if voter fraud was possible.


Tryna have a bon voyage kinda thing for exchange? Should be good.


Good things, good times. Catherine isn’t here but I’m sure she feels the same way.


Not many updates, just working on the combined honours thing


We had talked about doing a “last-minute-exchange-questions” thing in January but it might be redundant if the bon-voyage thing is happening


Ours isn’t as formal as that so it might be good!


I’ve been doing logo stuff, will be moving back to WW selection, SASSex suggestion form and also putting out a transparency update. Finally, I’ll need everyone’s next term schedules for meetings next semester.

Ok thanks bye!

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