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Feb 27, 2020- SASSex Meeting Minutes

Minutes by: Sophie Marchetti Feb 27, 2020 4:30pm-5:30pm Minutes from Another SASS Meeting Attendance: Michaela H, Corbin M, Catherine H, Haley H, Ingrid C, Momina A, Anna B, William A, Tinson C, Simon M, Adeola E, Grant S, William L, Sophie M, Maya V Regrets: Anna LM, Sydney P, Hayley M, Katerina S Absentees: Kajaani S, Elena W, Paige G, Kiana K, Meghan B, Caroline B, Veronica K, Rachel M *for clarity, William L will be referred to as Will, Anna B will be referred to as Ana Will: Hi, welcome, let’s start. We’re 1 away from quorum We need to go over 3 things: Senior musical producer for next year- Grant Applications for SIF - Haley OPIRG Referendum - Adeola and Catherine Let's start with Grant! Grant: Ok so traditionally, one of the junior producers is supposed to become the senior producer for the next musical but unfortunately, neither producer wants to. Instead, we offered an application to all of SASS/artsci. After deliberation of applications, Elise Durie is currently our chosen candidate. She is on exchange right now, so we can’t ask her to come and speak but her application was compelling. Will: According to the SASS constitution, we all have to vote to approve her as the next senior musical producer. Any questions? Ana: Why was she chosen as Senior Producer? Grant: She is highly qualified, very great, and has lots of experience with project management! Adeola: Have you made adjustments for a smooth transition? Grant: We have transition reports for all roles. Will: Ok, any more questions? No one has more questions. To Haley for SIF!

Haley: We have 2 applications. One asks for $50, the other asks for $100. Application 1: $50. Facilitating a single interactive workshop that helps artscis to understand an interdisciplinary degree and job seeking post-grad. App 1 wants this to act as a follow up from the NWWF. Pitched to occur in the last week of March. Application 2: $100. ArtSci student newspaper showcasing written student work to appreciate the creative talent within ArtSci, similar to the old Agora. The SIF is to finance the physical publication of the newspaper for the 1st year. Goal is to be published 2x per semester with physical copies. Provides an opportunity for a voice within artsci. Also could be displayed at recruitment presentations. Note: we can invite these people to come and present to us if we don’t want to decide right now. Ana: Better use of the money might go to Application 2? Application 1 is a great idea but it can probably be integrated into a milk and cookies type event. Haley: I feel like this changes the nature of the conversation: finding the funding for App 1 as a milk and cookies event and then just discussing if App 2 is worth funding. Michaela: For the newspaper, does App 2 know what they are going to do for this year? When are they planning to have this done? Can they use the money for next year but still establish that they get this year's funding? Will: This is a good point and it can be up to us because it’s pretty late in the year. Maya: How are they suggesting this be financially self-sustaining in the future? Haley: There isn’t much detail regarding how this would happen but App 2 ensures that the newspaper would become self-sustaining. They suggest the formation of a committee for the paper. Tinson: I think a trial newspaper might be beneficial to create for this year. Maya: I just don’t see how it would be plausible to make the applicant create the newspaper team and publish it before the end of the year. Tinson: As a trial? Michaela: The problem here is that it’s March and you want to give people time to write, get a group of people to edit. It is a big expectation for just this month, also considering how busy a month it is. Maya: The 1st issue should be impactful and important, we shouldn’t pressure App 2 to complete it before the end of the year. Adeola: It would probably be beneficial to invite the applicant to come in. Also asking about potential collaboration/resources from already established newspapers at mac. Haley: So do we consider App 1 as a SASS event or still consider it an SIF App? Ana: Let’s say that it aligns better with a milk and cookies type event, and ask her to work with SASSex? Will: Good plan. Next, let's talk about the OPIRG referendum. Catherine: I tried to bring the OPIRG referendum back into a conversation in the SRA and it got shut down. We were thinking about creating a campaigning team of artscis in support of OPIRG- which I couldn’t be a part of because I’m on the SRA. Adeola: I was looking at how SASS as a whole can help OPIRG and I found out that the SASS student body can vote in support of OPIRG but we would need to list every person in ArtSci who votes yes. That sounds pretty hard to do by next week, so we would instead create a SASS executive specific campaign team that has a stance in favour of OPIRG. Will: Alright, we need to vote on some stuff now. We can reach quorum if someone calls an absent member. Michaela calls Sydney, the Senior Program Advisor. We are now at quorum. First, let’s vote to create a SASSex Campaign Team in favour of OPIRG funding.

Vote to campaign in favour of OPIRG. 13 in favour, no opposed, 1 abstain. Motion approved to create a SASSex campaign team in favour of OPIRG Next, let’s vote to approve Elise Durie as next year’s Senior Musical Producer Motion to approve elise as Senior musical produces Unanimous yes Motion approved for Elise Durie to fill the 2020/21 Senior Musical Producer position. Anything else? Sophie: Last week we talked about changing all social media handles to @SASSMcMaster? We need to vote so that I’m not just changing it without approval. Admin would like the @MacArtSci handle for a future Instagram account so we have to change at least that. They would be able to link @SASSMcMaster in their social media bio. Will: Okay, let’s vote

Motion to change all social media handles to @SASSmcmaster 13 in favour, no opposed, 1 abstaining Motion approved, social media handles will change to @SASSmcmaster Adeola: In accordance with our vote on the OPIRG campaign team, we have to go through all the bylaws and have all of SASSex provide signatures in favour of OPIRG. Adeola reads the bylaws all accessible from the MSU Elections Department online Maya: When are elections for next year's SASSex? Will: Nominations are going to occur at GM on the 4th and elections will be March 16-20 (for all positions except level rep) and then level rep elections are a week later. We announce SASSex and Level Rep results at formal. Adeola, when is the OPIRG referendum? Is the SRA election at the same time? Adeola: March 10th to 12th! And Yes! Will: Make sure to sign the thing that’s coming around about the Opirg referendum! My Updates: If you have any constitutional amendments for GM let me know now/by 5:30. In regards to future SASSex Meeting times lets move to a biweekly meeting system. Meetings will be March 5th, 19th and April 2nd. Ingrid: Just some website updates: We’re going to move election discussion from Facebook to the website forum. We have a widget that we’re going to use for elections but because it’s ranked, results will take a couple of days. Will: Sounds good, thanks! You can all leave now!

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