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January 12, 2023 – SASSEx Winter Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2023, 7:00 pm-8:00pm

BSB 104

Present: Tinson Chen, Gillian Irwin, Jessie Chan, Phoebe Newton, Sydney Wisener, Flynn O’Dacre, Ally Kortes-Miller, Charlotte Johnston, Ella Brown, Maya Verma, Griffin Kinzie, James Esemu-Ezewu, Caroline Bredin, Rachel Mery, Luna Quail, Ishmeet Johal

Regrets: Sadie MacDonald, Priya John, David Kanter Eivin, Oyin Aderibigbe, Sarah Greene, Anthony Cherubini, Monica Yeom, Hanna Rao, Ian McMillan, Natalie Chu, Sanjana Shah, Alex Harris, Priya John


  • Dates

  • Dates

  • and more dates

Tinson: Hey everybody. Good to see everyone back. I thought we’d go over the plan for this next semester. But first an update from Griffin.

Griffin: We can increase the amount that we charge ($33.81) for SASS in each student’s tuition for the year 24/25. We can increase it to the CPI number without a general meeting, but if we want to increase beyond CPI, we’ll have to hold a general meeting and have a vote.

Tinson: The General Meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 25th or 26th

Phoebe: Is there help for those that have trouble paying the fee?

Griffin: Oh this isn’t the bursaries – this is just tuition-based.

Griffin: It’s worth discussing, more money per student would mean better margins for SASS.

Phoebe: Do we need that much more?

Griffin: This year we are going to lose money based on funding only but we’re okay because of the COVID years’ surplus.

Tinson: Were they trending down pre-COVID years?

Griffin: Yeah, they had a surplus for a while but it got whittled down over the next four years.

Ella: What is a ballpark [for inflation]?

Griffin: About a dollar more.

Tinson: If it’s a big hassle to increase then probably not worth it. If we’re not eager to change then leave to CPI. Another update: we did not get any money from SLEF fund. The reason they gave me is that it wouldn’t impact enough students

Phoebe: Who is a part of SLEF?

Tinson: MSU president, other official people, not too sure about the rest of the board. Winter social will be the first ArtSci event this coming Monday. First, I’m going to go around to everyone to see if you are planning to do an event not on the agenda now.

Charlotte: There might be a Melange launch party!

Maya: Summer work and volunteer opportunity Milk & Cookies!

Tinson: Some things have question marks on this agenda because they haven’t been confirmed. Prof debate might be JPA and SPA [not here].

Sydney: Third year reps have offered to help facilitate if needed

Ella: Crush-o-gram fundraiser for musical is also in February.

Ishmeet: Sarah and I were planning some first-year specific events should those be up?

[Discussion of dates, hammering out musical events]

Tinson: If we can all pull out our agendas – anyone for bowling next week?

Griffin: Let’s go‼

Tinson: Next SASS thing will be General Meeting. What sort of date works for people? Wednesday the 25th tentatively is what I’ve got. Any ArtSci classes that evening?

[Discussion that 25th isn’t best for everyone]

Tinson: Maybe 23rd 5:30 pm?

[Relative consensus]

Maya: Early February is more realistic for Milk & Cookies, maybe the 8th (mid-week). Best held in 3038 so can’t be an evening thing.

Flynn: Spaghetti dinner is on February 3rd as constitutionally required. Theme is anything but a utensil party.

Ella: Candygram isn’t a proper event so not as critical to nail down the time. They will be delivered to people one week.

James: Koffeehaus we’re thinking 6:30 and go all night long! Sadie and I were thinking February 17th? Maybe?

Tinson: Let’s circle back.

Koffeehaus Feb 10th. It’s pencilled in.

Charlotte: Melange launch party will be in 3038, low budget high fun in February sometime (when issue comes out) which is Feb 17th.

Tinson: Some good uninterrupted time for any events mid-March. No need to set Pizza Plunge date yet.

Phoebe: Last day of class is April 12th

Tinson: So then the 12th then? Or the 13th since its usually a morning thing? Wow that was efficient.

Maya: [Looking at tentative date for TriSci trivia on agenda] The thing with TriSci trivia hasn’t happened for 2 years. I’m good to have it, most of the time it’s a charitable cause. Maybe iSci or Health Sci has ideas for that cause?

Tinson: March 2/3 is their tentative date on offer. I don’t mind stepping up cuz I love trivia. Any other comments on rough semester scaffolding? We can talk about the General Meeting next. Will be very similar to the one held in the fall. Will be voting for all positions vacating this year. I will host election since no web admin still. [RIP web admin]

Maya: I think system around transition reports. I wanted to open the floor for ideas about how they will be structured/stored.

Tinson: Physical secondary is good to the SASS cabinet.

Sydney: Maybe we can make it a little easier on those writing it. More accessible and efficient?

Luna: Adding to Sydney’s point; almost a template for them so they’re all pretty standardized so people know what to write.

Tinson: [Shows us what he’s done.] It’s helpful to inform them of specific hurdles and how they’ve been addressed to ease the process for them. Does that solve template issue?


Maya: I think making it more specific for positions that are held by people that are graduating is a best bet since they won’t be available to answer questions next year and ease the transition.

Tinson: This will probably go verbatim on the transition report for the end of the year with updates from this semester. I’ve got nothing else, unless anyone else has something that they want to add?

Rachel: Would people be interested in ArtSci stickers? We need another fundraising opportunity. Formal is in budget but just… Can we make profs pay for meals?

Ella: If you want to work together on funding at all we can - musical kind of has monopoly on fundraising currently.

Tinson: People with events on that timeline from now to mid-February can come with updates next meeting on the planning process. If people want to amend amendments, then have a look. Meeting adjourned!

[End of meeting]

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