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January 27, 2022- SASSEx Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2022- SASS Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Michaela, Hannah, Luna, Griffin, Tinson, Phoebe, Natalie, Nisha, Ariella, Gillian, Mateo, Sarah, Gillian, Sophie

Absence/Regrets: Everyone else.

Mateo: Henry and I are trying to run artsci euchre again, probably before reading week, it’ll be virtual

Hannah: If I remember correctly, there is a $60 gift card up for grabs?

Tinson: Any chance that could happen in person?

Mateo: We honestly haven’t talked about that

Michaela: University is definitely pushing for classes to happen in person and student groups have to follow provincewide guidelines. So that would mean maximum of 10 people indoors together. It might be best to have it online at least for the first couple weeks back just to be cautious.

Mateo: I think we’ll just plan for online then.

Michaela: Anyone have any questions about returning to in-person/in-person events?

Hannah: Griffin came to us a couple weeks back about raising student fees for next year. We as SASS can vote on that if we want to increase fees.

Griffin: We currently charge $33, we can increase that if people want.

Michaela: We increased student fees 2 years ago to have a bursary for things like formal and other events that people would otherwise not be able to afford. The purpose of us talking about this now is because the deadline is soon and we would need to have a general meeting if we wanted to increase. Anyone want that?

Mateo: I feel like we probably shouldnt increase student fees just because it would probably cause a lot more work than it would be worth right now.

David: [in chat] No need to increase fees.

Griffin: Cool sounds good.

Hannah: As of right now, there is a bit of a hiatus for the welcome week planner selection just because of some admin stuff. Timeline still in place. Promising things on the horizon though!

Michaela: We’ll be reviewing applications over reading week and thus give planners lots of time to pick reps!

Hannah: A first year has suggested that we do a blood drive/organize an artsci’s give blood event! Gauging interest?

Natalie: That seems like a good idea. We wouldn’t need to make it a big thing, just organize it per year.

Hannah: We could maybe make it a competition between the years?

Sophie: Between the hauses maybe?

Hannah: Oh tight yeah!

Michaela: Should we do it through CBS or do it through the Hauses/years?

Luna: One problem with through the Hauses or years might be wishy-washy. If it's through CBS it might be a bit more clear and have more instructions?

Tinson: [in chat] I like the idea of encouraging it, but I kinda feel strange about getting competitive about bodily fluids? Some people feel guilty for not being able to give blood…

Michaela: If the first year is willing to put in that work, maybe they can organize it? And if they want to use ArtSci socials, we can allow that?

Luna: I can also work with him, we’re pretty good friends so I can be like a conveyor to SASS.

Ariella: Jerry and I had a meeting with [redacted location] where we talked about formal stuff that is very exciting. We have a save the date ready to send out! We’re currently working with the McMaster student groups following provincial guidelines and the [redacted location] is very optimistic that this can happen. Very exciting! We’re also looking at bursary options, MSU subsidizing, and tickets will probably be $60-65. We had to charge a bit more this year just because of [fancy redacted location here].

Michaela: This is incredibly exciting!!! Gill! Anything with musical?

Gill: We’ve had online practices… which is a bit awkward to teach dances. But according to government guidelines, we should be able to have in person performances happening when we planned. We’re stringing a couple locations along right now just to see where might be best for us given government guidelines. There’s been a bit of struggling with the online transition but exec seems to be coping well.

Hannah: You guys are managing so well! Is there anything we can help you with?

Gill: I’ll check with Adeola but we seem to be doing okay!

Michaela: Things are sounding good people!!!!! Let us know if you guys need anything! Have a good night!

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