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Mar 6, 2020- General Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2020 6:30PM- 7:30PM Minutes By: Sophie Marchetti General Meeting Minutes Will counts feverishly until we start to see if we reach quorum. Will: Hi welcome to the 2nd meeting we have 38 people, we can't vote right now it’s illegal!!! Please invite your friends right now! Tinson: Can we use call-ins? Will: Not unless an amendment is made Thomas: Can making that amendment use call-ins? Another person arrives Will: No, vicious circle. Tell your friends to come. We need 12 more people. Agenda for tonight: Another person comes in. Wooh! More people! We need 11! So we’re doing announcements, constitutional amendments, nominations for SASSex. Ana: This Friday is TRISCI TRIVIA !!! you can form teams of 4-6 within trisci (iSci, Health Sci, ArtSci). The fee is $15 per team, in support of a prof in Health Sci diagnosed with cancer, for the thyroid foundation! Catherine: Look at your emails. On March 10 from 5:30-9 MDCL or LRW we’re hosting a SAFETALKS event! It comes with a certificate. If you’re interested, contact me- limited seats are available. If you can’t make it due to the musical or something else, we’re hoping to host another in the future. Nicole: I sit on the board for OPIRG!! They are a group that supports student ideas. SRA just sent OPIRG to referendum :( We don't like that! They fund a lot of great projects. Anyway, SASSex said that they would graciously join our campaign team. You all can vote in the referendum too! If you have any questions regarding the vote that's coming up, message anyone on SASSex or me. Will: Anna is abt to tell us about voting on SASSweb! Anna: Make an account on the new SASSweb!!!! I sent an email out with the new URL! I’ll verify that you’re actually in ArtSci and then when votes come up you’ll get an email. Will: We need more people to reach quorum! 7 more! Let’s do nominations, maybe we’ll reach quorum by the end of that. All nominations must be seconded.

~~~SASSex Election Nomination time!!!!!~~~ President: Anna Buhrmann, Thomas Nachshen, Paige Guyatt, Rhea Murti, Nicole Strader, David Mason, Elise Durie, Anand Sergeant, Tristan Meager, Tess Vosper, Derek Shen, Jess Gut, Ryan Tse, Henry Challen, William Li VP Functions: Elise Durie, Anna Buhrmann, Tinson Chen, Chloe Sloan, Nicole Strader, Hannah Feldman, Maya Verma, Gillian Young, Michaela Hill, Sydney Potts, Simon Minich, VP Social: Simon Minich, Hannah Felman, Hina Rani, Graeme Fishman, Adeola Egbeyemi, Andrew Canete, Paige Guyatt, Kira P, Elise Durie, Tinson Chen Treasurer: Sharang Sharma, Andrew Canete, David Mason, Hannah Feldman, Micah M, Derick Shen, Tracey Yu, Matthew F, Hina Rani, Meiqi Wang, Secretary: Andrea C, Paige Guyatt, Tinson Chen, Adeola Egbeyemi, Tess Vosper, Sophie Marchetti, Anna W, Michaela Hill, Zia Mawani, Torin Pracek, Graeme Fishman Community Chair: Sarah D, Sydney Potts, Audrey W, Sneha Wadwhani, Chloe S, Elise W, Hannah Feldman, Elise Durie, Nicole Strader Formal Convenor: Kira P, Corbin McBride, Paige G, Mark Pillai, Nico Belanger, Elise Durie, Hannah Tsilfitis, Jessie Chan, Noah Smith, Ivan Kredl, Ryan Tse, Matteo O Athletics and Recreation: Hayley M, all 3 David M’s, Henry C, Matteo O, Tad Moretti, Jueun Lee, Hina R, Sarun B, Elena W JPA: Tinson C, Maya Verma, Vikita Mehta, Zara P, Andrea C, Inaya Y, Cameron Johnson, Sharang Sharma, Derek Shen, Maya E, Chloe S, Charlotte Jonston, Dalton B SPA: Corbin McBride, Sydney Potts, Ryan Tse, Graeme Fishman, Mark Pillai, Michaela Hill, Katarina Sim, Nicole Strader, Paige Guyat, Matteo O SRA Observer: Catherine Hu, Vikita Mehta, Graeme Fishman, Adeola E, Elise W, Mark Pillai, Chloe Sloan, Michaela H, Tristan M, Tinson C Level II: Maya V, Tinson C, Cameron J, Tess V, Chloe S, Anna W, Andrea C, Maya E, Sharang S, Derek Shen, Kira P, Vikita M, Charlotte J, All 3 David M’s, Maya Z, Sam M Level III: Henry Challen, Michaela Hill, Simon Minich, Andrew Canete, Zia Mawani, Sarun B, Hannah Tsilfitis, Tad Morretti, Amanda Gasparro, Catherine Hu, Dia Gracey, Quinn Macpherson, Serena Balzer

Level IV Reps: Paige Guyatt, Gillian V, Noah S, Justine B, Gillian Y, Elise D, Elias L, Rhea M, Ethan X, Jesaya T, Sydney P, Ryan E, Ryan C, Mateusz F, Katerina S, Evan A, Hannah F. Reaches Quorum Will: VOTING TIME!!! SPA/JPA role changes, etc. Read the amendments sent out to you in your emails. I say vote "yes" but you can do whatever you want. Motion to approve the constitutional amendment of changing SPA/JPA roles. Unanimous in favour. No abstention, no opposed. Motion passed Motion to transition the position of Secretary to Comm. Director Majority in favour, 1 opposed, no abstentions Motion passed Motion to let SASSex get/use a debit card Pat: via text: "can i use it ?"

Majority in favour, 5 opposed, no abstentions. Motion passed Will: We’ll have 2 rounds of elections, 1 round for core, 1 for level reps and any core that didn’t resolve in the 1st round. You can be nominated for more than 1 but only run for 1. Emails will be sent out. Ok bye! **this meeting involved a lot of people talking over each other very fast, if you said something at this meeting and I did not write it, please message me on facebook and I will fix it.

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