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March 9, 2023 - SASSEx Winter Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2023, 6:30 – 7:15

BSB 104

Present: Gillian Irwin, Phoebe Newton, Jessie Chan, Tinson Chen, Ally Kortes-Miller, Flynn O'Dacre, Caroline Bredin, Rachel Mery, Hanna Rao, James Esemu, Sydney Wisener, Luna Quail, Maya Verma, Griffin Kinzie

Regrets: Priya John


  • TriSci Trivia happened tonight!·

  • Communittee Knitting night upcoming, as well as first/second year games night

  • Formal updates – coming so soon!

  • Transition brunch tentatively scheduled for April 16th - time to welcome the new team!

  • Might rent a Light Up the Night booth with Humanities

  • Transition reports need to be done!

Tinson: How’s everyone doin? Let’s get into it. We’ll talk previous election, next round, we’ll talk transition reports as well. Pizza Plunge and Light Up the Night is happening. Monica and Arthy are WW planners! President’s meeting happened last week some talk about paying presidents.

Rachel: If funding’s from MSU – yes. If SASS-funded – no.

Tinson: Similar amount of work to welcome week planner.

Griffin: I mean I could work it out.

Tinson: What direction do we want to take it? It will probably have to be unified across faculty. Also talk of streaming MSU services (some overlap in what’s offered) so thinking . MSU recognition night was last night and lots of fun! You guys should nominate each other next year! Congrats btw to those elected again! Any other updates?

Sydney: 3/4th year party!

Caroline and Rachel: Paid for formal. 4/10 profs and admin are coming.

Flynn and Ally: Knitting next week, and in April planning a 5km run for charity! (tbd). Walk! Run! Have fun! Also James is taking us to formal.

Tinson: Anyone else want to do anything before the end of the year?

Luna: Games night for first and second year early next week.

Tinson: Elections! Campaign packages are being submitted for next round. Budget ratification?

Griffin: ____ not very helpful super unclear (must fill requirements for MSU, admin things)

Tinson: Have to run SRA observer byelection. Probably best to do over summer. Potential for more integration with MSU next year more interfaculty collabs. Do we want to run a yearbook next year?

Hanna: I’d be down to run it!

Caroline: I don’t find there’s a spot for it (on SASS), could be through Melange?

Tinson: So then have to do that role (as byelection) over the summer as well if not through Melange.

Caroline: I think it’s a SASS role already?

Tinson: Non-elected officer but no article. Web admin would be helpful next year. Should have all results by Saturday tentative plan for onboarding meeting – (discussion timelines – first week of April best for everyone)

Maya: Last week of March is still thesis presentations.

Tinson: I’m going to BC for the weekend end of March. Final report April 6 - we’ll look it over before handing it off. Transition brunch will be us plus incoming SASS. Is 14th a good day for everyone?

Griffin: Gotta go to the bank for transition before April.

[people are probably going to be having pizza April 14, playing spikeball]

Tinson: Brunch will probably start at 9.

Luna: Can also do it on the Sunday.

Tinson: So that would be the 15th/16th? Okay tentative Sunday brunch. What else? Light up the night! [Informative video]. What is LUTN?

Hanna: Big fair on campus.

Tinson: Opportunity to rent a booth. Could share with humanities. A table for most vendors is $1500. Could be enough foot traffic to make money?

Luna: What would we sell?

Tinson: Excellent question. I think humanities is doing popcorn and merch?

[brainstorming: cotton candy, candy, corn?]

Tinson: Anyone doing more merch?

James: Griffin and I have ideas. Sassquatch hoodies?

Tinson: Cult robes (purple).

Griffin: That’s all you Tinson, [to organize] but I’m on board.

Luna: Could be formal meeting-wear!

Tinson: So that’s all I have for the meeting. Just yeah, do your transition reports!

Hanna: Is there really anything for me to do within my role in terms of SASS?

Maya: Yeah, not a SASS transition for Senate; Shelley takes care of it.

Luna: One transition report for the role?

Tinson: Yes. General things/themes want to think about next year?

James: Embroidery machine is something I’m thinking about.

Where do we keep it?


Caroline: Jenkins Room was earmarked for Discovery program.

Tinson: I think that’s ended.

[Discussion about Discovery program]

Tinson: Corporate sponsorship?

Griffin: I’m so for it!

Tinson: Some of this summer could be used garnering contacts, feeling things out for that.

Maya: Is this allowed? For student groups?

Tinson: I think so? Could print their name on WW shirts… So yeah, main thing: more academic activities, greater integration with MSU, and generation of revenue.

Maya: Aren’t they trying to do a 10-year revamp of NWWF?

Tinson: Yeah. In terms of academic activities this year all agoras were canceled, and there was no winter lecture. We could do a speaker series - that’s already approved if you want to do a talk on an obscure topic.

Tinson: Do we need to meet again? I really do want to see extensive transition reports. I’m excited for next year, I think it’s going to be a good year for SASS. You guys have seen EOHSS now, working with Shelley and Marquis, all of that. In terms of tips for success I would say book generic events early in the year to get around some stuff.

[Meeting adjourned]

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