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November 29, 2021- SASSex Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Minutes For SASS- Nov. 29, 2021

Attendance: Luna Q, Jess K, Sadie M, Phoebe N, Tinson C, Lia F, David K, Jerry M, Ariella R, Gill M, Sydney W, Griffin K (MOC), Henry C, Mateo O, Hannah T, Michaela H, Sophie M, Ingrid C

Michaela: Hi! Welcome! What’s happening?

Level II Reps (David, Sadie): ArtSassins! It’s happening and it’s fun.

Michaela: Study night?

Pheobe: We have plans for one.

David: EOHSS??

Michaela: Good question. We have a new email that WORKS!, also we have EOHSS now! Also, Ingrid and David, if you would like to update the website with that and email info, that would be great. The password for the email is [REDACTED]. Anything else from level reps?

Gill: caroline and I were thinking of doing something this weekend, just waiting on confirmation of where we can host it. Also, when is capstone due? We need to coordinate for the editing session.

Luna: next Tuesday!

Han: How are they going?

Luna: [panic laugh]

Gill: don’t know how the booking system works but do we need to book something? Would 1st years show up to an in-person editing session? Probably next Monday night.

Hannah: If you guys wanted to hold another bake sale you could do it during editing night.

Gill: Baking is a bit hectic right now but the last one was a less great turnout because it was so cold.

Tinson: Agora! The poster is made! Lots of profs are coming! Star-studded! LRW-1057, because it's booked as an academic event we can have 99 people! Talking about the future of education. Come and hang out. We have an Eventbrite to get tickets. Woohoo

MOC: budget is done! I’m still confused with last year's money? But I’ll figure it out. Also, I can submit the budget now.

Michaela: a transparency report of the budget will be made and it will verify that MOC is not embezzling

Henry: Kaffeehaus… Should we have 2 next semester?

Michaela: if we did 2 next semester, do one really early on and one later. Update on behalf of quinn, milk and cookies was a cookie delivery thing last year, but do we think people would come pick up cookies during exam season? From my house or on campus somewhere?

[people nod, they like cookies]

Hannah: Apparently there is a SASS cabinet. Not sure what’s in there but we need to clean it out before the end of term. If there are items in there for you, they will be delivered to you.

Michaela: any other updates?

Jess: SRA, vikita is working on a project on feminine hygiene products on campus and she’ll get back to us soon!

Sophie: SASSwear Fashion week! You’ll see details on IG.

Hannah: Welcome week selection committee has been selected: presidents, VP Functions, old planners, David, 2 others.

Michaela: I think that’s all folks! See you later!

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