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Nov 6, 2019 - SASSex Meeting Minutes

November 5th, 2019


Minutes By: Sophie Marchetti

Magnificent Minutes from the 7th SASS Meeting

Attendance: Tinson C, Maya V, Ingrid C, Haley M, Corbin M, Adeola E, Caroline B, Elena W, Sydney P, Catherine H, Michaela H, William A, William L*, Sophie M

Regrets: Simon M , Haley H, Momina A, Anna B, Katerina S, Grant S, Anna LM

Absentees: Meghan B, Kajaani S, Rachel M, Kianna K, Paige G

*William L will be referred to as Will



Hi check slack for the agenda, thanks for being here.

Sass clubs department idea?? Checked SASS policy and it seems ok?


What is that?


It’s like giving a SASS label to clubs within SASS


Is this necessary? It doesn’t seem like there’s many artsci clubs


Fair. But if we developed a clubs department, it would give greater opportunity to develop more clubs


What is the incentive to go through SASS rather than the MSU?


Exclusivity ?


Could SASSex clubs still get funding from the MSU?


No, we are separate from the MSU


Would this be done via a representative or just a process?


A process.


Seems semantic?


Through this, we could create a club page on SASSweb, allow clubs to book rooms through our permissions.


I don’t think there is a need for it yet, but eventually if a need appears, I understand the importance of it


It might create inspiration, but it seems more like a need vs inspiration kinda thing


Would we be able to support these clubs that are created? We have extremely limited funding.


The clubs department could eventually replace the Student Ideas Fund??


Side question: Can anyone book LRW for any purpose?


Yes, as long as you are in arts and science, and Dr. Wilson approves it


Could we develop an online booking system?



So it seems like there isn’t crazy interest in this idea so we’ll put it on the back burner

Individual updates!

I went to the faculty presidents meeting this week. Lots of Josh talking at us, very informative. noted: at mac we have an MSU and faculty societies are separate, unlike a lot of universities. Talked a bit abt welcome week planner hiring, looking at paying WW trainers, but no one was too keen on the idea.

Next week I’m going to help out some other SASSex members with a few different things.


Going to get all the inquiry and other deadlines and send them to sophie.

Trying to organize a skating event.


Adeola and I found out that we can now book out rooms in the LRW basement!

Also asking that level reps send out an email that we can now book these rooms.

Trying to add a link to the booking on SASSweb.

Went to another SRA meeting, was ~ Dramatic ~ !

Adeola and I were talking about student voice in professor meeting

Trying to buy chargers and leave them in LRW


If you did do that, get the ones you can’t detach from the wall.


Safetalks w healthsci- we got the email from will but the health scis havent contacted us at all. So we’re going to the BHSC meeting tmo.


Not too much.

Working on student prof meetings, going away event for exchange students.


Study night tmo in LRW


Met with elena to figure out logistics of printing and stuff


Podcast is up !

TAs may go on strike- 86% of them said they will if nothing happens

How to help:

Email the board of governers (!!! Tell them you like your TAs!

University has ghosted the TAs for 17 days now soooooo…..


Just workin on the combined honours thing

I’ve been creating this word doc that matches course codes w course names from the academic calendar. If you feel like helping me, procrastinating or anything, email me!


Would you like a petition?


We could formally vote as an executive to have a stance but we dont want to go on strike too lol.


I’ve been compiling a list of captains for intramural teams, registration is starting soon, I’ve been in contact with them. Once the list is made I’ll reach out to SASSweb. Also an event for athletics


Hayley made a google doc for the bursary


Planning a destress for post-capstone

Planning secret santa

Planning coffeehouse


Whoever manages bridges is super non-responsive so we need to get in contact w them

Any help?


Paige is on the food collective which works within bridges, she might know


ALM says the emails aren’t working rn

AB asks; does next thursday nov 14, milk and cookies and grad school ???


SPT soft deadline is the next day


Tryna get the podcast on spotify but i’m not too sure how


Last week I put in the order for merch, it’ll probably be in in just over a week?

Paige via Elena:

Artshow is happening, buy tickets.


Ok bye!!!

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