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Oct 30, 2019- SASSex Meeting Minutes

5:30-6:30 October 30th, 2019 Minutes by: Sophie Marchetti

Sensational Minutes from the 6th SASS Meeting Attendance: Corbin M, Michaela H, Simon M, Sophie M, William L*, Grant S, Sydney P, Ingrid C, Catherine H, Hayley M, Adeola E, Paige G,Tinson C, Maya V, Rachel M, Anna B*, Anna LM, William A, Kajaani S, Caroline B, Haley H Absentees: Meghan B, Jess G, Elena W, Kianna K, Katerina S, Momina A, Veronica K *Anna B will be referred to as Ana, William L will be referred to as Will

_________ Will: Hi. We’re starting. Look at slack for the agenda. We have a few things to go through. So the key is missing for the cabinet.

William: It’s been missing since this morning

Ana: I might have it.

Walks to her folder and checks

I got it!

Woohs and Cheers

We should have a channel on Slack for the key or something

Will: Thats a good idea- let’s make a separate channel If you’re done with the key after a sale or event, give it to me. Sound good?

Various nods and thumbs up

Changes to welcome week planner selection committee! We changed 3 members to 4: the 4 at large members are paige, kajaani, corbin and tinson! Other thing we need to approve is the non-sass person. Kajaani has suggested Alex from nursing, a welcome week planner for her faculty. Any one hate this idea?

Tentative vote to approve changes to committee Vote unanimous for yes Motion passed, welcome week planner selection committee approved.

So far we have received 4 apps (2 pairs) Individual updates!

Grant: Musical rehearsals happening. Bake sale thursday! Musical trivia night next week!

William: Sasswear has been ordered, will be here in 2 weeks

Tinson: Maya and I have been organizing calc study sessions, weekly updates, etc.

Hayley: I’m trying to compile a list of all intramural captains for SASS teams Also trying to plan an athletics event for the end of the semester. (Trisci dodgeball? Yoga?)

Ingrid: SASSweb committee met last week, we have goals for short and long term wow

Catherine: SRA- nothing major happening, one club has been kinda an issue Wellness committee- contacted by will said that healthsci wants to do a collaborative event about safetalks (suicide prevention talks). Going to be working on that now. Still need to work out logistics in terms of committee size and initiatives planned. Adeola and I are planning on how to secure basement study rooms

Adeola: October podcast is almost done! Equity and Inclusion committee email has been sent out to committee members

Corbin: Working on the accessibility of combinations course lists Dr. Wilson says students should do their own research but is open to adding course names to the lists with the course code beside it. In January, when faculties review combinations, we are planning on pursuing this change. I’ve started already matching course codes to course names to make this a little easier. An issue of accessibility: the sheet is not accessible for screen readers, but adding course names would do that. The AODA states that university institution requires to have accessible documents and information by january 2020. So, we should also be able to meet that requirement, the university as a whole already does this so I would like to push forward with this change in ArtSci.

Kajaani: Are we doing anything to reduce the stigma of not combining?

Michaela: Dr. Wilson approached our combined honours meeting last year by saying all the reasons you might not want to apply, and as well, stressed the importance of only combining if you want to?

Ana: Parents often ask what you are studying, maybe we could do something to encourage students to do what’s best for them??

Simon: Dr. Wilson’s talk put a lot of us at ease in our talk, maybe reaching out sooner and letting students know that its okay to not combine, whether it be formal or not?

Adeola: Maybe looking towards what can happen after artsci when you don’t combine? Career or Graduate school- wise? Like the New World of Work Forum?

Corbin: Upper years can help to normalize this as well. We don’t necessarily need to make a huge change or implement something.

Michaela: Maybe providing statistics on the website ?

Rachel: Show students that an uncombined degree can have structure too! Perhaps minoring, double minoring, or not minoring at all. A schedule can still be made, even if you don’t combine.

Maya: As a first year, these would be really helpful. Maybe around the time that Dr. Wilson has this talk, we can have combined and uncombined upper years to talk to us about their experience?

Ana: Perhaps we could create an event or milk and cookies associated with the combine/not combine

Will: Sounds awesome. Let’s keep pursuing this.

Sophie: Still typing :)

Simon: We talked to Dr. Wilson, we have 1 study/peer editing session booked. We are also planning to book a de-stress night later on in the semester.

Rachel: SMA: requirements and things the university must fulfill for the government. The first round we will be tested on 6 things. The council of ontario university summit happened. Communication is important. Universities have fallen off the radar, colleges are becoming more dominant. Report from undergrad council: late withdrawl option proposition! Lots of backlash from faculty. Though the rep said that this doesn’t really affect profs because the students have to go through academic counselling. After lots of discussion it was passed for implementation ASAP.

Kajaani: Tri Sci Semi is november 21! We made $250 all for formal, available november 12. Hoping to sell 300 tickets, second years better go or elseZZ

Paige: 3rd years had a study session in 3038 last week, went super well, lots of people came.

Sydney: Adeola and I are finalizing the survey for equity committee Corbin and I are trying to do some outreach to areas in hamilton that don’t apply as often to artsci. In terms of potential events, I was hoping to plan an exchange gear up event before 2nd semester. To have people who have gone on exchange talk to students going. For 3rd years looking for thesis supervisors, I was wondering about making a supervisor event/ thesis event? But 4th years might be stressed out to participate?? Thoughts?

Grant: Not sure how helpful it will be because people’s individual experience with specific supervisors is super unique. Also might just scare 3rd years.

Sydney: Should anything have been said before you applied for your thesis?

Grant/William: It’s not that hard to apply, just awfully stressful.


I talked to Dr. Wilson last week about doing stuff in LR to foster a greater community in this space. She liked the idea of the doodle journal. I suggested a calendar with deadlines, sass events, etc. on it and she was fine with it. Finally, I suggested a physical suggestion box and an optionally anonymous online suggestion box for the artsci space/ community. Are people good if the website continues to develop that?

All nods.

Ok, we’ll go through with that then. For the journal, we were thinking of a journal and/or guestbook that’s really big?? Does anyone know any artists or small shops that would create one? Let me know if you find anyone!


A couple updates:

New SASSex poster printed tomorrow morning!

I’m gonna make a cool SASSex graphic with all the information about SASSex and send

it out by the end of the month.


Student ideas fund: things are tighter this year because of the SCI. The fund has been

anywhere from $100-$1000 to fund new ideas in artsci (ex. Artshow, musical). If we remove it, these ideas may no longer have the opportunity to flourish. At the very least, we are going to have to take a reduction of $100 or 0. Does anyone have any opposition to removing the fund entirely this year and then leaving it to be restructured for next year?

Ana: I’m just concerned that if we withdraw the money, we may no longer be able to find new ideas or even old ideas (artshow). How should that be organized??

Haley: When we leave this up to a vote, I think it will be important to make the amendment that the goal of this fund is to make ideas more self sustaining for the future, such that they won't need to be funded for all the years of existence?

Will: Some projects may need to be specifically given 2 years of funding??

vote regarding existence of SCI fund 11 votes in favour 4 abstain 0 opposed Motion passes, SIF will exist

Hayley: The fund will be reduced but it will exist. The online SASS elections will be able to be run on SASSweb which will save us $300 !!

At Halloween, no one accessed the bursary. Form for reimbursement for semi ($10) will

be available. Simple google form with exist for this reimbursement.


Bursary comment- lots of people said they wished they could go but didn’t want to

access the bursary. How can we make it less stigmatized?


Probably because it was a post-event reimbursement, but we’re changing it for semi.


ok bye!!!!!!

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