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November 1, 2021- SASSex Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Jerry, Rachel, Caroline, Gill, Griffin, Henry, Lia, Phoebe, Sadie, Maya, Jess, Luna, Quinn, Hannah, Sophie, Natalie, Adeola, Mateo

Regrets: Ariella, Tinson, Nisha, Sydney, Michaela

Absent: everyone else


Han: Good Morning, I just woke up. Hannah here. Michaela isn’t here, she’ll be back soon. Message me if you need anything for the time being. Vibe check?

[Vibes are good.]

Han: We’re meeting in here from now on, BSB-137. Gill how was bake sale?

Gill: Sick. We sold everything, we made $180, all going towards the musical. We’re going to use it for the down payment for the theatre (the Zoetic). It’s expensive.

Han: Has everyone talked to Griffin about budgets they need?

Quinn: Not me.

Han: Okay, talk soon. Get it done. We want to have the budget submitted ASAP. Update on ArtSci Semi!

Jerry: Off-campus events are happening!

People cheer

Jerry: But limits of 25 people still exist and overrule.

People sigh

Jerry: So we don’t have a semi plan right now.

[we brainstorm for a bit, progressive semi? send meal-kits to houses?]

Jerry: We’re also starting to think about formal which will hopefully have less restrictions.

Han: Kaffeehaus

Henry: Haven’t thought much about it. Outdoor? Indoor?

Han: look into booking 2 separate rooms for Kaffeehaus?

Mateo: What about the porch at the Pheonix?

Sophie: handwarmers!!!!

[No one knows what she’s talking about besides Jess]

Henry: What if we rented out the Westdale theatre?

Jerry: Also, we made so much money with sweaters!!!!

Han: Maya! Updates!

Maya: Senate meeting #2 updates: mostly this one prof in labour studies saying that the faculty grievance policy is messed up and inequitable. Aside from that, on Nov 15, mac will release full information on what’s happening in the winter term. Might drop the masking policy if Ontario does. Getting more strict with MacCheck especially for visitors. Also, thinking of expanding high-demand programs? Sexual harassment complaint of a psych prof, he contested.

Han: Tinson and Sydney aren’t here to talk about Agora but it’ll probably be online.

Jerry: Can we please get a debit machine?

[we are working on it]

Jess: What’s happening with Rep auction items?

[we are working on it]

Han: Kudos to Henry for figuring all the halloween stuff out!

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