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Sept 18, 2019- General Meeting Minutes

Sept. 9, 2019

6:07PM- 7:00PM

Minutes By: Sophie Marchetti

General Meeting Minutes


Hi, welcome, please eat pizza

For those of you that didn’t read the email- this meeting is for all of ArtSci to hear about what your student government is doing.


We love Will Li!

Cheers and Whoops


Here’s the agenda:


1. Voting on bylaws and amendments

2. Nominations for SASSex

3. Committee signups


Let’s talk about the Student Choice Initiative! As you may knowDoug Ford has decided to make a bunch of “non-essential” fees optional, making SASSex have less money and we need money for all our things (Like SibBBQ, Formal, Bursary, Welcome Week, and more)!! SASSex is positioned against the SCI, and we urge people to stay in the fee.

We have lost $400 so far which is equal to one half of welcome week, 1 coffee house, and ½ our bursary. IIf you have any questions, please ask Haley, myself, any SASSex, or level reps.

Announcement from Ana!


Sib BBQ is happening tomorrow!!!! Please label all the food you’re bringing tomorrow! Also, please bring fold-out chairs because we don’t have many. We can also pick them up from your house.


Update from Kianna!


Hi, I run Communittee!!!

We have a Cootes Clean Up on Sunday at 8:30 am, with Stewards of the Watershed! Come on out! If you are interested, let me know as I need to figure out numbers. (email, or let me know at the end of this meeting).

Also, we have Progressive Dinner!!! 5:00, 5:30,6:00 timeslots still have some spots! Theme is Waste Not, Want Not, so we’re looking at sustainable meals! Tickets are pay as you can, though the suggested donation is $10, last day of ticket sales is thursday- accessible for all dietary restrictions.

Announcement from the Musical!

Veronica and Emily:

The Artsci Musical is an annual event that is artsci written, directed, performed, and produced by Artscis!

Auditions for the musical are next week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings in 3038, no experience necessary, check out the google form online from the facebook page or recent email to sign up for an audition slot!

We are also looking for stage manager, tech director, and pit band members! Auditions for band can be found on email sent out or on facebook!


Voting on Constitutional Amendments and By-Laws

We have reached our 20% Quorum so we can pass bylaws, amendments and make nominations!

Vote on Constitutional amendment to add a new position on SASSex- The Athletics and Recreation Director. (Explanation of Position in Constitution)

Vote unanimous in favour of new position.

Position is in motion.

Voting on various amendments to the constitution: removing all mentions of MSU replaced with McMaster university in constitution, gender neutral pronouns, and generally clean up the constitution.

Vote majority in favour of amendments

2 abstentions from voting.

Constitution amendments approved and in motion.


To explain how the bursary works, any member of SASS (any artsci) will be able to access the bursary if they show financial need to attend any event or recieve any SASS item. So you would pay for thing, fill out bursary reimbursement form, get reimbursed via etransfer.


Where did the $9000 reserve funds come from in the finances breakdown?


It estimates roughly how much we can expect to get from student fees if everyone opted out.


Why do people pay for the event upfront and then get reimbursed?


To make it as anonymous as possible.


What is the most money a person would have to pay upfront?


Artsci canoe trip, $220, Formal, $50.

Vote on Finance and Bursary Bylaw to be approved.

Vote unanimous in favour of bylaw

Bylaw is now in motion.


We are now going to take nominations for SASS elections. Someone has to shout out a name and someone has to second it. Ok let’s go!

Athletics and Recreation Officer Nominations:

Haley Miller, Tad Moretti, Mateo Orriano , Zia Mawani, Jannele T , Graeme Fishman, Henry Challen, Hannah Tslfitis, Paige Guyat, Aaron G, Elena Wells, Ryan Tse, Mark Pillai

Level I Rep

Hanna R, Vikki X, David Mason, Maria T, Tess V, Andrea C, Zara K, Jessie C, Chloe S, Gabrielle M, Tinson C, Sharang S, Charlotte J, Maya V, Jasmine Z, Vikita M, Gillian I, Meiqi W


Let’s invite Anna and Ingrid pp to talk about the NEW SASSWEB WOW

(the website is pulled up)

cheering, people are crying, some mourn the loss of old sassweb, others are excited for the brave new world


We made a new sassweb!!! You do need to make a new SASSweb account. It has all the functionality of old SASSweb and more! We are starting a website committee too so if you’re interested, please join. We are also taking feedback.

the room shakes with joy, people are freaking out


Thanks! Let’s move on to signing up for committees! First we got functions! Then social! We got formal! And we got the Communittee committee! Website, Program Advisory Committee, Finance, Equity & Inclusion, Mental Health and & Wellness, Yearbook!

If you would like to join we’re going to hold sign ups right now!

Anyway, meeting over go home, see you tomorrow at Sib BBQ!!

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