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Sept. 20, 2021- SASSEx Meeting Minutes

Present: Hannah Tsilfitis, Michaela Hill, Sophie Marchetti, Tinson Chen, David Kanter Eivin, Sadie MacDonald, Gillian Maltz, Henry Challen, Caroline Bredin, Lia Fraleigh, Jerry Miller, Ariella Ruby, Rachel Mery, Griffin Kinsey, Quinn Macpherson, Hanna Rao, Adeola Egbeyemi, Nisha Gill

Absent: Vikita Mehta, Isabelle Diavolitsis, Ingrid Campbell, Nicole Rob

Late: Maya Verma

September 20th, 2021 : 5:30-6:30PM

Firey Minutes from the First SASSEx Meeting


  • We talked soooo much!

  • Everyone introduced themselves and their position! We’re going to Biweekly meetings for the exec!

  • General meeting is on September 27th at the Oval and we’ll chat about Constitutional amendments, Committees, hold nominations for open positions, and eat pizza.

  • We also talked a bit about some of the events we want to have! Like Halloween, Sib BBQ and Semi-formal.

Hannah: Hear ye, hear ye, calling all members of SASSEx! Hello everyone!!!

Michaela: Yay Climate Change for making it warm enough to meet outside! So glad to see you all! Let’s go around and introduce ourselves and the things that are important about you and if you have any questions about your role.

Hannah T: You start [@ Michaela]

Michaela: I am a co-president! We are support and delegation. We are here to help you and help organize everything and make teams happen.

Hannah T: Yes! We trust you all, you’re all very great. If you need help with anything, we’re here. Also, my name is Hannah.

Sophie: Hi! I’m Sophie, I’m the communications director. I’m currently taking minutes. Come to me with any social media/communications-related inquiries and ideas and I’ll help you out. Also, I’m going to post a collaborative calendar for SASSEx so we know when things are running.

Rachel: Hi! I’m the athletics and recreation officer and I’ll help you run any sporting events you want. We have intramural teams!

Ari and Jerry:[in unison, no pause, perfection] We are Formal Convenors. We plan both semi-formal and formal. We’re gonna have a committee.

Lia: Hi! Me and Isabel are Communitee! We’re going to run events all year to keep the artsci community tight-knit and loads of fun. Sophie, do we run the Instagram for Communittee or do you?

Sophie: You do!

Caroline: Hello! I am the 4th year rep. Also, I’m bringing back Abstract, the yearbook!

[people cheer, we love the yearbook]

Adeola: Hi! I’m one of the musical producers! Not quite a part of this but we are adjacent to SASSEx. Auditions are later this week, more coming soon.

Michaela: Are auditions in person?

Adeola: Yes!

Henry: I am VP Social. Not sure what that means but I’m excited to find out.

Gill: Hi! I’m one of the musical producers and I’m in charge of fundraising. The mugs went okay. I think we got…

Adeola: 30 orders! And we have an extension.

Sadie: I’m a 2nd-year rep, we have an event happening tomorrow! Scavenger hunt with little sibs around campus. Looking forward to it!

David: Same.

Griffin: I will only be referred to as Master of Coin. I’m the Treasurer. Not sure what that means exactly. I don’t think any Treasurer has ever known. But I’ll figure it out. Message me about any budget inquiries. If you want to be reimbursed, it’ll happen through cheque.

Michaela: Other people will probably get E-transferred (nonSASSEx).

Maya: I’m undergrad senate and I’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening in the Senate.

Hannah R: Hi I’m one of the welcome week planners with Nicole R.

Hannah T: Hannah will put together a committee to decide on next year’s WW planners.

Nisha: I’m a 3rd-year rep! The only one so far. Need a friend.

Tinson: I’m the SPA. I’ll run Agoras this year and it’ll be a great time. I also do some academic communication stuff. I’m gonna be experimental this year I think.

[everyone whoops, we love that idea]

Hannah T: We don’t have a JPA yet! We’re going to elect one after noms at GM.

Quinn: HI I’m VP Functions. I did sib matching in the summer. There have been revisions. They will be sent out. I also do milk and cookies, sib BBQ. I have some ideas for collab events like SOCCER BASEBALL [@ Rachel]. I want to help with Kaffeehaus [@ Henry, who is excited at the prospect of having help, also, friends].

[observers arrive from first year, they said hi, they left]

Michaela: Amazing, thank you all for introducing yourselves. Some people are missing. Ingrid is not here, she’s SWA and looking for a JWA. Vikita won’t be here this semester but she’s SRA, she’s looking for an SRA observer. Isabel isn’t here and she’s Lia’s co-communitee chair. Here’s a general overview of how SASS works:

  • We use Teams. Sorry. Please download it to your phone.

  • We’re going to meet biweekly unless we need to meet more or less.

  • If you have burning questions in between meetings, we’ll host office hours from 6-7 on Monday nights. They’ll be open to ALL ArtScis.

  • General protocol if you’re gonna miss meetings: tell Sophie! Or us. But Sophie probably.

  • If there are big huge things you want time for at meetings, message us in advance so we can schedule it in.

  • Do you guys want the agenda in advance?

[no one says anything. Crickets. General consensus is we’ll just vibe, share a google doc with agenda points]

  • Attend any meeting you don’t have other commitments for. But some roles have exceptions. Representative (at least one) at each meeting would be good.

  • We’ll never go past 6:30!

  • C*VID-19: we’ll meet outside until we freeze our fingers off. We’ll try to do it indoors in person after that.

  • Questions?

Tinson: How many people are on SASSEx?

Michaela: 25 generally with some other positions. Okay, let’s talk general meeting.

Hannah T: GM is happening at the Oval (Forsyth and Mayfair) on September 27th at 5:30PM. We want first-year attendance up because we’re nominating all the open positions AND first-year reps. And we’re forming committees. You can have people apply or sign up. Bring a form at GM if you want people to sign up.

[committees brought up: formal, communications, yearbook, communitee]

We need to meet quorum for GM. We need to figure out what exactly that number is.

We have some fall events happening! Halloween, Sib BBQ, and Semi-Formal. Let’s brainstorm.

Michala: Quinn. Let’s start with Sib BBQ and a possible cohorting idea.

Quinn: We have sib families. Here’s what I’m thinking. We divide all the fams into 4 houses. In those 4 families/houses, we can have events where you earn points for your house (ex. Buying musical tickets, going to events, etc) and we announce a winner at formal at the end of the year with some kinda prize. This also works well for C*VID so we can divide sib BBQ into houses.

[people ask questions about logistics, Quinn answers them, Michaela and Hannah T also help answer]

Hannah T: in lieu of sib BBQ, maybe a kickball tournament and picnic? Let’s brainstorm some names for the houses! So far we have Atwood, Wollstonecraft, etc.

Michaela: let’s launch this idea at GM, get people to shout out some names, and then use a poll online?

[we continue to brainstorm about that. Sorry, keeping up with 3 different conversations is hard. I tried my best.]

Ariella: Semi stuff! Is indoor semi possible? Should we try for outdoors?

Hannah R: Not sure about the budget but we could get heaters and a tent for an outside semi? There might be nice patios we could rent too.

Jerry: We could also move it up to be sooner. Maybe have it at the spice factory. Other question: any way to get a list of who is in hamilton/who would show up to events?

Hannah T: Shelley had a list last year of who is remote and who is in person.

Michaela: A lot of people are in person, in Hamilton. Every year has classes in person so they have to commute here. Is it still valuable to find that list?

Jerry: We’ll also probably get a sense next week at general meeting.

Ariella: We would probably need to cap the lists. We don’t know what exactly is legal/allowed by the university.

Gill: What if we combined Halloween and Semi?

Ariella and Jerry: [passionately] We want TWO things to go to.

[people nod, they would also like 2 things to go to, but logistics still need to be sorted]

Gill: We’re having our first bake sale at GM. Do we have a debit machine still?

Michaela: All we got was a cashbox with American change in it. Check with ArtSci admin, they probably know more than we do.

Hannah T: Other events in lieu of sib BBQ? Potluck probably isn’t it.

Sophie: What if people bought tickets for Sib BBQ and we use the money for food? Like a ton of pizza or something?

Michaela: We don’t have a ton of time before we need to execute the houses for sibs.

Quinn: If we want to do it soon I need help.

Michaela: We’ll get name suggestions at GM next week. We’ll pick names in 2 weeks? At our next meeting.

Quinn: I’ll make the lists now.

Hannah T: Quinn, make a brainstorm on Microsoft teams and we’ll finalize at GM.

Hannah R: We could use a whiteboard app to brainstorm this term for other events and stuff.

Quinn: Is it possible for sib BBQ for us to book a space on campus or altitude or something?

Hannah R: It’s expensive. But possible.

Adeola: Let’s compile a list of questions we have for the general artsci population for next week’s GM! We could send out a survey.

Michaela: What kind of questions? Put them on teams.

[lots more brainstorming involving many separate conversations all happening at once. I wish I had more ears, hands, and separate attention systems, but I do not. Sorry SASS.]

Michaela and Hannah T: It’s 6:30! You are dismissed. Check teams for more and we can brainstorm on there. See you all at General Meeting!

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