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Sept 3, 2019 - SASSex Meeting Minutes

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Sept. 3, 2019

6:00PM- 6:50PM

Minutes By: Sophie Marchetti

SASSy minutes from the 1st SASS meeting

Attendance: Corbin M, Adeola E, Caroline B, Michaela H, Simon M, Sophie M, Rachel M, Anna B*, Anna LM, William L*, Grant, William A, Katerina S, Kianna K, Elise D, Haley H, Kajaani S, Momina A, Sydney P

Absentees: Ingrid C, Paige G, Elena W

Late: Catherine H

*Anna B will be referred to as Ana, William L will be referred to as Will




Welcome back, today we’ll be looking over the documents posted on Slack and a few other things. SASS is really important!! Please come to the meetings. Let’s do weekly meetings! Tuesdays 6-7

We’re going to use Slack because it’s more professional than Facebook, please use it. If you have any issues, contact me.

Message from Dr. Wilson:

She would like to meet everyone from SASSex 1 on 1, drop in soon, in person.


For all events we host we need an EOHSS form to book a room. Only exception is for booking 3038. In that case, meet with Dr. Wilson in person (office hours are on Mondays and Fridays)

Slack has a list of appointed members of SASSex and we want to be transparent about how they were appointed. They were not appointed by Will, they were appointed by various members- look on Slack for how they were appointed. See members on poster in 3038.

Motion to pass appointed positions

Vote result was a unanimous YES by elected members

Appointed members are now officially appointed as members of SASSex


Let’s talk about the 4 guiding principles for SASSex: Accountability, Sustainability, Transparency, Inclusivity

Also, we can vote to be positioned against the Student Choice Initiative. Questions?


Should we make the opt-out individuals be excluded from SASS resources?


Most people say no, for now.


Have any level reps heard the sense of who will be opting out/ how many people will be?



others shake heads


Opt-out period is Sept 12-20

After Sept 20, they cannot opt-out or opt-back in (unless they want to give us a cheque)


If people have questions about opting out, direct them towards the financial breakdown and remind them of the importance of SASS and how SASS uses their money


Let’s talk about “Inclusion” in the guiding principles. “Inclusion” is a tricky word as it often refers to bringing minorities in but doesn’t help them stay, or asks why they weren’t there to begin with. Advocacy, engagement, or other, would be better. I think we should brainstorm.


It’s an okay word but I agree, we should include incorporation/belonging and potentially change it to acknowledge our willingness to change and adapt.


Advocacy. SASSex wants to be the Student Union = to A&S and make sure that all voices are heard.

Also, the schedule is up on the Slack document with events.

New idea: Tropical Party in January, will bring in lots of money, will be fun, sounds dope


What do you mean Tropical? I don’t wanna appropriate any culture.


We can change the theme depending on feedback.


We can keep it tropical but just let them know that appropriating is wrong ahead of time


Subtle wording would be good in the description.


Winter is cold, the tropics are hot, people may have difficulty with outfits for the event?


The irony :) Also, we can have a coat check.


Let’s address these problems in the email about the event when it goes out.


We can make an infographic about appropriation of culture for that email.


Back to the principles: transparency and visibility. Have there been issues recently that brought these up?


2 people had SASS budget on a google sheet and then they graduated and the budget was gone. Also, misplaced things. Most issues have been solved but we want to be more proactive than reactionary. Financial reports, minutes, etc. accountability helps us express transparency.

Ideas about inclusivity?


Change “different views”, “representative groups”, “making events accessible” and explain these points.

Ex. are we promising that people in wheelchairs can get into all student houses?

We need concrete descriptions of things and have accountability and commitment.


Yes, but the only student house event is progressive dinner.

I will change “representative” to marginalized and other edits can be made later at the next meeting. Or we can approve now.


Let’s do next week.


Ok. We will be doing weekly meetings.


I want to livestream SASSex meetings. We will trial it with 2nd years in the 3rd meeting, any objections?


How sustainable is this?


It’s my equipment but this is very trial level. In the future we can look into making it more sustainable if it works.


Sib BBQ! Look at Slack for announcements!


10 minutes until 7PM classes, you can all leave! See you next week at 6, 3038!

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