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September 7, 2022 - SASSEx Fall Meeting I Minutes

September 7, 2022, 5:30-7:00pm

Behind University Hall (we had to move from Camp ArtSci because of Club Fest, R.I.P.)

Present: Tinson Chen, Jessie Chan, Gillian Irwin, Ella Brown, Oyin Aderibigbe, David Kanter Eivin, Ally Kortes-Miller, James Esemu-Ezewu, Tess Vosper, Caroline Bredin, Charlotte Johnson, Flynn O’Dacre, Alex Harris, Luna Quail, Griffin Kinzie, Ian McMillan, Maya Verma, Sanjana Shah, Phoebe Newton, Rachel Mery, Anthony Cherubini, Natalie Chu, Priya John, Sydney Wisener

Regrets: Sadie MacDonald


  • Welcome Week was a great success‼ It slayed‼

  • We might be buying a new web domain – R.I.P.

  • General meeting is being pushed back another week [was originally proposed for Sept. 14th] for several logistical reasons

  • Discussion of communications strategy for this year took place - program administration is supportive of a lean and cogent strategy

  • Sib BBQ is happening probably on September 17th – Under the Sea theme! – Maya is looking for a house to host and SASS members to help with cooking/setup/cleanup

  • House Olympics event coming at the end of September (week of September 26th)

  • First Kaffeehaus tentatively scheduled for the week after Reading Week, might be held at Bean Bar.

  • SASSEx meetings likely moving to Thursday evenings

  • We did intros at the end of the meeting to keep things ~fresh and funky~

Tinson: Happy first week back! We’ll start with a Welcome Week recap; handle past, present then future business?

Charlotte: I’m not sure exactly what kind of update we’re looking for here - It slayed! First-year fanny packs were slick, we spent a lot of time tie-dying t-shirts [which turned out great in Gillian’s humble opinion]. We toured downtown Hamilton [R.I.P. Dundas tour], we also did a tour of Westdale; speaking of which, we still have extra Westdale movie theatre tickets that come with a free popcorn!

Tess: We can also share a list of sponsors that were really helpful and generous to us so that maybe other individuals can work with them for other events in future.

[Discussion of ArtSci flag shenanigans]

Tinson: I’m wondering about talking to campus security – it would be fun to see the flag above University Hall again.

[Applause for WW Planners]

Tinson: Alright, so let’s move on to updates about what is happening or will be happening soon. SASSweb has been updated, and the minutes from the last meeting are posted now. Also Ian might know someone who is interested in a web admin position?? I wanted to know what everyone thought about buying a new web domain for SASSweb, currently, it is the wordy, but for $20.00, I could buy the domain.

[From conversation seems to be a generally supported idea – some concerns were expressed about prospective students coming to the page looking for program information. Suggestion made to buy]

Tinson: Alright, so the next big-ticket item is the Fall General Meeting. I’ve been trying to book Altitude for the meeting, I was thinking that way we could do a bonfire since it couldn’t happen during Welcome Week. The booking process is taking a sec, might have to move it indoors.

Ella: I think the musical team wants to run a bake sale, so we would really appreciate having the date formalized ASAP.

Tinson: It will be the 14th if it happens next week. Items of business at the general meeting include: first- and fifth-year rep nominations. I’m also hoping to do an intro video of our motley crew to play at the general meeting with all of your help. I was thinking asynchronous video clips of individuals in the style of an 80s sitcom.

Ella: Sending in video snippets would work well, I think - it’s so hard to coordinate everyone’s schedules to do a big group video in person.

Tinson: If we are doing the video, probably pushing the meeting is the way to go to give us some time to film and edit. The video is just meant to be something silly, so people can get to know faces and recognize SASSEx roles. Amendments will happen at the general meeting as well, suggestions can be brought up now or later. One that I want to put forth is formalizing the number of people in certain positions so that the structure of SASSEx is right in the constitution. We will sort out the numbers internally before the meeting. Another amendment would be to extend non-voting roles in SASS to representatives from Melange and Alethia. That would help them to receive funding more easily from SASS as well. [General consensus is yes; this is an idea that we support]

[David has no comment on potential amendments, despite good-natured prodding.]

Tinson: Another item of business for the meeting - can do an ArtSci merch announcement at the general meeting. Normally that is handled by fourth-year reps and the formal convenors as they require larger budgets for funding. I have heard a lot of support for the idea of bucket hats, though.

[Hanna likes the idea of bucket hats]

Tinson: We have a decent budget to work with this year so we can kind of go all in on merch! [Woohoo!]

Griffin: Let’s spend some money, people! [Laughter]

Jessie: My dad can do merch - that’s his line of business – and he can easily ship it directly to me, which could streamline things.

Tinson: I was thinking in terms of merch strategy – we would do pre-orders and then order a little surplus so that it could be sold later in the term if people regret not purchasing once it comes in.

Caroline: That’s what we did last year, and it worked well!

[Merch ideas were pitched – included: socks, misprinted posters for a discounted rate, Ian suggests ArtSci fanfic]

Tinson: OH! YES! No, not to fan fic [lol] but I remember what I was going to bring up next – committees. For now, I know that we will be pitching a communications committee and maybe a functions committee at the general meeting. Let me know if you need more manpower and if you want to establish a committee in relation to your role.

Rachel: Formal committee

David: I know that last year there was an advisory committee for JPA/SPA, and I wanted to ask you, Maya, how that went and whether you would recommend that to us moving forward?

Maya: It was a little hard with COVID; if you had concrete ideas for changes that you’d like to see it could be helpful to get feedback. It can be a good touchpoint to help you stay connected with what’s happening in multiple years.

Tinson: First year spirit is back! Brimming with eagerness to participate in the system, participation might be back up. Any potential committees can talk to me or Maya after the meeting or later. Back to upcoming events and other orders of business - Marquis wants us to give notice for emails and hoping to amalgamate multiple SASS initiatives to reduce the number of emails being received. The idea is to do a SASS-y newsletter-type thing. That will require us to give some more notice in advance of events.

Ella: Why less?

Rachel: It’s a security concern across Mac – less people with email lists the better. We need Marquis’s approval to use the listservs.

Charlotte: They need to manually open and close the lists with approval to get things out there.

Tess: Otherwise, emails to those lists will bounce back.

Tinson: Alternatively – we could have our own email list for SASS updates?

Maya: That would have to be a sign-up structure.

David: What if we add everyone in, and it could be an opt-out type of thing?

Maya: That would be skirting around the listserv problem. Marquis wants approval and collaboration, which will allow SASS to do more.

Tinson: When we need to send things out ASAP @level reps – can you reach everyone in your year?

[General consensus from reps is that yes – this is possible]

Ian: There are some I know that don’t look at the group chats.

Tinson: So, to send out quick messages, we can go through level reps? [Affirmative] On to Supercrawl – it’s happening this weekend. Are we doing anything around it? Communittee

Flynn: WeHere’s something going on Communittee putting the word out but not sanctioned event

Ian: Trying to get second years out for Sunday

Maya: Sib BBQ – first years meet upper years‼ General rundown is that the goal is to allow first years to step into community informally. It’s a good way to integrate folks. Practically, in past years it has been come and go event in people’s backyards, potluck style,


Tinson: Yeaaahhhh, my sibfam just brought mars bars to the galaxy theme.

Maya: Also probably will BBQ as well [hamburgers, veggie burgers, the like]. If someone has a backyard with a BBQ, I will take care of logistics. I’ll keep a tight rein on people. Anyways if you can host, please reach out to me, and we can talk in greater detail.

David: Capacity?

Maya: Hard to gauge? There are numerous first years [90!] and their fams, currently 66 little sibs in the Sib program - realistically won’t be hundreds of people at one time.

Phoebe: I seem to remember it being a staggered start in our first year.

Maya: We’ll try to have a big time range to hopefully spread numbers; probably max 100 people at one time.

Oyin: Some first years missed the email - if you didn’t get a sib can you still come to the BBQ?

[Answer is yes, we also brainstormed about a sib adoption program or a second round of sib matching]

Maya: More info forthcoming

Tinson: Hey Maya, do you have a Genealogy of sibs?

Maya: Yes, I have the info I need, that could go back on sassweb, and could help pick out gaps in sib lineages. [Back to Sib BBQ] If there’s not enough space I imagine people would disperse. It won’t be as crowded as sounds. If SASSEx could attend to help run things smoothly that would really help. The working date is September 17th in the afternoon/evening; looking like 3:30-6:30ish but could be 2-7 depending on helping-out manpower.

Tinson: If we are pushing back general meeting then it would be happening after the BBQ

Maya: Everyone welcome even those without sibs!

Phoebe: If people are making food with sib fam then later start would be better.

Maya: Ideas for theme? Wild west? Anyone else want to share an idea?

[Themes are pitched: Space cowboys! Minions! Prom? Under the Sea! Crazy hat/pants! Nature! Jungle book! Overalls – farmer! Farmer/minion collab? Fall!

Maya: I will make strong suggestions for savoury dishes – there will be signup sheet, and I’ll make it public, so people know what others are bringing

Rachel: Maybe make slots so people can’t just bring desserts.

Maya: I’m sensing a minion theme, could be limiting food-wise.

[Informal vote between Minions, wild west, under the sea

Minions: 9

Wild West: 11

Under the Sea: 15+]

Maya: It will be an under the Sea theme‼ Thanks, guys!

Tinson: Next upcoming event requiring warmth. Updates on House Olympics

Ian: Yes! We’re thinking the week of 26th-29th

Oyin: We’ve discussed booking outdoor space. How do we book a field or even BSB field?

Tinson: Fields are booked through Athletics and Rec at Mac, don’t know how responsive they are, and we have to go through EOHSS

Tess: The answer is slow!

[Charlotte and Tess offer to draft up an EOHSS how-to]

Maya: If the activity is deemed high risk, it needs two approvers, including Marquis.

Oyin: Would we still need EOHSS if we hold it off-campus?

Rachel: If it’s off-campus, if it is at all a SASS-sanctioned or affiliated event, it needs to be for liability.

[Discussion of the approval process, risk levels, waivers, etc. a lot of technical chatter - Gillian lost track. Sorry!]

Ian: Last thing on the Olympics note – we want to dramatically kill the houses – maybe have fire involved?? Burn representation of houses or film burning of house flags? We will all become one house again.

Tinson: Reunification of ArtSci will be the greatest achievement under this presidency!

Tinson: @VPSocial Kaffeehaus will require planning in the next little bit. I talked to Bean Bar’s new FOH manager, and they would like to start having more events in the space. There is a killer sound system, so it could definitely happen there.

James: We were thinking late September / early October in terms of dates

Maya: I suggest October.

James: Before reading week?

Ella: Could be a welcome back event after reading week? And then people could plan acts during Reading Week.

[Consensus is yes - after reading week]

James: Also not sure yet about food?

Tinson: We have money to spend but could be pay as you can, or can have people order food themselves.

Phoebe: Could open it up to baking

Rachel: Could be another ArtSci musical bake sale!

Caroline: Could also do just coffee and tea.

Ella: Good idea

Tinson: Another thing - Halloween dance?

James: Yes! We definitely want to have it. We’re thinking some sort of incentive for best costume.

Tinson: Not to flex, but I did win that award in my first year. [Lowkey Tin Man flex – the steaming spout was pretty darn cool]

Rachel: It normally happens at a club on a Tuesday because clubs don’t rent space on weekends.

Tinson: In order to fund the event, I think it’s typically a TriSci initiative?

[Debate around this is inconclusive. Semiformal is definitely TriSci, however!]

Rachel: Formal convenors are planning to have TriSci semi on November 17th or so.

Tinson: We’ll talk dates/venues soon @James [back to Halloween party]

Maya: Just wrapping up – bringing it back to communications. Monthly emails will cut down on volume and will also, practically speaking, force us to plan a little earlier. Benefits are that we can be making sure things are more spaced out, program-wide events happening at more regular intervals

Charlotte: Calendars can coordinate with Melange.

Phoebe: The only concern is: will people forget events if info only comes out once a month?

Maya: Yeah, this is for sure a trial period, but hopefully, we can get people in the habit of checking the calendar.

Caroline: [Reminders] are what Instagram is for!

David: We can add a calendar to the website. Maybe there can be some Outlook integration so that people have the opportunity to add select events to their personal calendars.

Tinson: Anyone planning anything else in the next little while?

Phoebe: Not sure if this is relevant to bring up in the larger group, but fourth-year reps are doing a photoshoot for fourth years, and we decided next week. Will only take place for about two hours.

Hanna: Dresscode [no dress code, idea is to wear whatever you want to have pictures in]

Phoebe: Yes and we will add fifth years‼

Intros take place [apologies for lack of notes on this section – people spoke quickly, and I lost track of details, but the gist is that SASSEx is full of super cool, amazing people with a lot of special interests!]

[As some people are leaving for their next class]

Griffin: Make sure to meet with me individually soon to talk about your budget.

Anthony: Intramurals for the Fall term have opened up! I’d like to start ArtSci teams - soccer is at top of the list, but some others include volleyball, hockey, and innertube waterpolo [there needs to be another ArtSci team. ArtScis dominate at intertube water polo]. I also want to do a spike ball tournament!

Tinson: A fun event to pitch to first years – in past, they had stuck a bunch of first years in a room with a camera and then edit the footage for graduation…


[They knew they were being filmed – it was like cute time-capsule videos]

Ella: First year reps would run that?

Oyin: Back to the SASSEx video intro (full house theme) – could we talk coordination?

Tinson: I will find a video format maybe group some individuals together. I’ll tell people what I need from you. I can also help you film if you’d like

Phoebe: I can lend equipment and possibly help film

Tinson: I’m down to edit the video as well. More details forthcoming; it’s mostly in the idea phase for now. Let’s skip ahead to transition reports – not a lot of transition reports were given by last year’s exec. [show of hands like three people received a report] , so let’s change that this year. Whenever you run an event try to get a good sense of numbers and cost. That way we know norms. Then later on in the year reflect on the event – what worked, what didn’t. We’ll talk more later, for now just keep good notes so we can pass on to future years.

Maya: Also, transition reports will help to clarify what your role does. Reports should be expected to be handed out for every role. We’ll come out with an outline to streamline the process; more on that later.

Tinson: Might even make it into a physical book – it would be funny to leather-bind it as an artifact to be handed down. We will go through SharePoint as well, but I will have physical backups. [Not just because we don’t trust tech, but will aid in migration of everything outside of ArtSci accounts, sassweb backups, etc.]

Alex: might have hard drive source, I can get back to you on that

Tinson: We can vote on spending up to $300 for hard drives?

David: Hard drives are like $50 bucks for a terabyte; maybe let’s get a plan together and approve the budget at the next meeting.

Oyin: Just thinking we could organize by year – one year per hard drive

[ … more intense hard drive chatter]

Alex: [Back to upcoming events] Potential potluck/picnic for third years

Ella: Musical auditions will be happening!

Maya: There will be an October email, but for ease of this month, there will be separate emails for auditions, Sib BBQ, etc.

Tinson: Thursday meetings are looking like a possibility. We might switch to WhatsApp for quick communication point. Announcements will be sent on Teams as well; I just know most people don’t get pinged with notifications.

James/David: Discord‼

[Unfortunately for James, David and Griffin, WhatsApp won the vote for the most used avenue of communication]

Maya: Okay, so WhatsApp will be quick comms/last-minute things/reminders!

[Thursday evening slot more popular option for SASSEx meetings]

Maya: [Throwing out possible times] 6:30-8 or 7-8?

Tinson: That concludes this meeting. Thanks for coming. I wanted to enjoy the weather while we have it – also, a PSA - room bookings are currently unavailable‼

[End of meeting]

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