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A Message from the President

Hi everyone!


I’m William Li, and I’m the current President of SASS. I’m responsible for organizing the overall direction of the SASS Executive, and supporting the other elected officers on the Executive.


This upcoming year, SASSex has an exciting array of events and initiatives that we are excited to bring to Artscis. Since 1985, SASS has enriched student life for Artscis and acted as a bridge between students and the university — and on behalf of the 2019-2020 Executive team, I would like to say that we are excited to try and make the upcoming year our best one yet!


Of course, we will face challenges. This includes the current political climate, which presents unique obstacles for marginalized students, as well as systemic issues within SASS, such as financial transparency (which we will be improving this upcoming year).


However, as long as we all remain committed to building a better community here, then I’m confident that we can do so. This means if you see your fellow students in need of help, be sure to support each other; if you see areas where SASSex can improve, contact your elected representatives and hold us accountable. Our Artsci community is what we make of it, so let’s work together to make it the best that it can be!


As always, I’m always just a text or email away if you ever have questions about anything or just want to chat.


Yours truly,


William Li


Society of Arts & Science Students


William Li



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