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Things to keep in mind:
* After the bursary application period ends, we will reach out to let you know how much of the ticket cost can be covered. If you still want to move forward with purchasing the ticket, you can reply to that email with "Yes" or "No".

  • Your money will be sent to you by e-transfer in the email which you specify.

  • Please be advised that you must submit this form before the deadline specified by the event’s organizers. For the Art Show and Semi-Formal events, that is WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH. APPLICATIONS AFTER THIS DATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

  • You can apply to this bursary more than once for different events, but we ask that you only request assistance if you truly need it. We want this bursary fund to accommodate as many students as possible who might demonstrate need.

The SASSex Treasurer is the only person who will receive information about your student number, and that will remain strictly confidential (and your identity and name will remain anonymous). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Apply for the SASS Student Bursary here.

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